Charlottezweb is pleased to announce that Acronis Cloud Backup is now included with all hosting accounts.

What is Acronis Cloud Backup?
Acronis is a third-party cyber security and cloud backup services provider. The product we now offer is a backup solution that integrates into cPanel to allow customers the ability to more easily manage backups and restorations on their own. This includes the ability to search and restore a single file, mailbox, database, etc. or restore an entire account as needed.

Acronis was configured on all of our cPanel servers about 3 months ago.  After testing and “real world usage,” I’m formally announcing it to share awareness.

What’s different about Acronis vs. the cPanel backups we’ve been running all along?
There are a number of great benefits of this new approach:

Acronis requires far fewer resources to run. It’s constantly running vs. a single (resource-heavy) automated job that previously ran once a day. Acronis advertises that their system features “near-zero impact on server resources” which ultimately equates to faster web sites and services.

Off-server backups. Acronis backs up to cloud storage that’s not directly on the servers themselves. This adds more resiliency in the event of a server issue.

Recovering files from a backup via Acronis is bench marked to be at least two times faster than a normal cPanel restore.

Additional backups that weren’t previously offered. Currently we have Acronis configured to save snapshots of the last 7 days, the last 4 weekly backups and 1 monthly backup. Previously we were storing a daily and a weekly along with bi-weekly off-server backups. Acronis brings us a more robust ability to look for specific files if needed.

How do I use it?
Acronis is accessible in cPanel under the icon “Acronis Backup” in the “Files” section.

acronis backup icon

When you click this icon, you’ll see a page that lists all the days of backups available:

Acronis - 1

When you click on a specific date, the next page will show you the different types of files you’re likely used to seeing in File Manager. You can browse and restore single files or you can restore the whole account. (I’d probably open a ticket before doing a full account restore but the option exists if desired)

Acronis - 2

I hope customers find this to be a valuable addition to the features included with Charlottezweb hosting.

As it relates to backup, I always like to share the following message: It’s highly recommended that all customers regularly backup their websites to their own computers so they have a copy of their latest files in case of emergency.  It’s also best practice to backup your files before and after you make any site changes.  Personally, I like to think of automated backups as a safety net but not a replacement for doing my own regular backups just in case. A previous post I made on the topic of backups is available here:

Backups 101: Do I need them?

Feel free to contact me via email or a support ticket if you have any questions.


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